Control Board--Red

Control Board--Red

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The Patriot Swing Gate Operator Control Board, designed and manufactured by USAutomatic, can be used for single or dual gate systems. This control board features LED indicating lights, a current sense beeper, a push button for open/close commands, an S4 pushbutton, and a battery life LED indicator. These five, highly-effective features make troubleshooting your gate system that much easier. The LED indicator lights make identifying issues between actuator limit switches and control circuits obvious by holding down the indicator button on the control board. In order to save battery life, the LED indicator button must be held down to activate, in which the corresponding lights will show where an issue may be occuring.


• Battery Life LED Indicator
• Has Open/Close Command By Push Button
• Designed For Single And Dual Gate Systems
• Type D Protection With The S4 Push Button Feature
• Red Control Board For Patriot Swing Gate Operators
• S4 Push Button Allows Gate To Operate If J2 Accessory Plug Is Removed
• Type D Button Bypasses Entrapment Devices, Allowing Gate Operation
• LED Indicators Should Be Held Down To Diagnose Issues, Saving Battery Life Of System
• LED Indicator Lights Help With Identifying Issues For Corresponding Actuator Limit Switches And Control Circuits
• Current Sense Beeper Sounds When Current Sense Circuit Activates, Detects False Reverse In Sensitive Current Settings


• Terminals: 12
• Control Board Color: Red
• Operator Mode: Patriot RSL
• DSI Dip Switch Functions: 10
• Operator Capability: Single, Dual
• Battery Life Detection: LED Indicator
• Current Detection: Current Sense Audible Beeper